Working with a Freelance Copywriter: What to Expect

Lewis Folkard

Lewis Folkard

Suffolk-based conversion copywriter.

working with a freelance copywriter

The idea of working with a copywriter can often be a daunting one for business owners. It does, after all, require an enormous amount of trust to allow someone else to be the voice of their business.

However, just like any other kind of specialist, when they’re trusted to get on with the job, they can produce some pretty impressive results.

To explain more about how the process works – and how it can enable you to greatly increase conversions – I’ve put together a short article on what you can expect when working with a freelance copywriter.

You’ll be asked a lot of questions

In order to ensure that your copy converts, a good copywriter will take the time to understand you, your business, and your goals. Armed with this knowledge, the professional copywriter will be able to create content and blog posts that speak in your tone of voice whilst converting your target audience into a paying one.

To acquire this knowledge, they’ll ask a lot of questions. Maybe too many. At a basic level, things like:

  • What is it about your business that sets itself apart from its competitors?
  • What are the metrics that you use to measure success?
  • How do you want your customers to perceive you?

By bringing the answers to all of these questions together, a freelance writer is well-positioned to create compelling copy that uses a distinctive voice to increase conversions.

You’ll gain valuable insights

Once a freelance copywriter has all of the answers they need to get to work, they’ll take a look at some data before putting pen to paper. Whilst this might seem like an unlikely thing for a creative professional to do, good research is ultimately what creates the difference between fantastic copy that sounds good and fantastic copy that sells.

More specifically, freelance copywriters will conduct competitor and search engine research to ensure that when people are seeking out your services, you’re far more discoverable in Google and stand out from others. By being more discoverable in Google and being the most exciting option, you can rest assured that conversions are likely to increase.

You’ll play an active role

Perhaps the greatest myth of what happens when you hire a freelance copywriter is that they’ll sit scribbling alone in a corner somewhere, turning in their work and collecting their fee without much further ado.

This really couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead, a freelance copywriter will establish an ongoing dialogue with their clients to ensure that all of the messaging remains accurate and is properly primed to generate the best possible results.

Ultimately, working with a freelance copywriter is a proven way of finely articulating your proposition and ensuring that you convert shoppers into buyers. In addition to optimising your brand and messaging, working with a freelance copywriter will provide you with a wealth of insights that can be easily leveraged to help you achieve your business goals… even outside of copywriting.

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