What skills do the best sales page copywriters have?

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the skills of top sales page copywriters

There are a lot of skills that copywriters should have. And many are requirements of all copywriting types. But because sales pages are the ultimate form of direct response selling, some skills run more influential than others. Here are six of (what I think are) the most important and prevalent skills in the best sales page copywriters.

Skill 1: Ruthlessness 

Not in the sense of being nasty or disrespectful, but rather the opposite. It’s a ruthlessness that stems from buyer respect. And in practice, it means providing every relevant detail on the sales page so your potential customer can make the most informed buying decision possible.

Ruthless sales page copywriters leave no stone unturned. They want to sell more than anything else. They’re hungry to compete with controls (or competitors) to write the best sales pitch they can.

Skill 2: Curiosity

All copywriters need to be curious. But sales page copywriters especially so. To sell as ruthlessly as possible, you need a burning curiosity to find only the most suitable information for your product. You have to dig, dig and dig to find nothing but the best stories, stats, reviews, and competitor claims to sell as effectively as possible. Top copywriters are extremely curious.

Skill 3: Humbleness

This comes on two levels. First, the best sales page copywriters will have a lot of winners – and likely a lot of accolades. And the ones that keep winning business are humble in how they present (and sell) themselves.

But more importantly, the best sales page copywriters are humble enough to view the world fully aware of how their biases impact their view. In other words, they internalise the fact others see the world differently. To sell as well as they do, they enter the minds of the buyers and see the world through their perspective – and not clouded by their own biases. Somebody consumed by their own world won’t be able to connect with others.

Skill 4: Intentionality

Because copywriting for sales pages can have such an impact on a business – positive and negative – there needs to be unwavering attention to detail in its execution. From ideas and structures all the way down to individual words. Everything must have a purpose. Everything must be justifiable. The best sales page copywriters know this.

Skill 5: Visceral thinkers 

Naturally, some products and services are more complex than others. Your potential customer doesn’t want to spend time simplifying and figuring out how it’s going to impact their life. That’s the role of a sales page copywriter. 

The top ones are able to break down complex products and services, even complex research, into something simple. But to sell it as efficiently as they do, they turn that simplicity into something visceral. Something the reader can see. Something the reader can feel.

Remember, persuasion is about pushes and pulls. Emotion. Translating these forces into something your reader feels helps overcome human inertia and, hence, makes selling easier. 

Skill 6: Empathy

The final skill is arguably the most important of them all. Empathy. Like being able to think viscerally, you need to be able to connect the emotions of your reader to your product and service. And to do that, you need to be able to understand and share their feelings.

Empathy in copywriting is like a muscle. The more you flex and use it, the easier and stronger it gets. The best sales page copywriter will empathy like Popeye has biceps.

Do you have – or need – these best sales page copywriter skills?

Copywriting for sales pages is similar to other forms of copywriting… just everything here is dialled up to the max. That’s what it takes to leave no stone unturned and turn as many prospects into high-paying customers as possible. Now, you’ve know the six best sales page copywriter skills that’ll help you do the same.

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