The best ways to find a reliable UK sales page copywriter

Lewis Folkard

Lewis Folkard

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find a reliable UK sales page copywriter

So, you’ve spent months researching, creating and improving a product or service – and now you’re ready to sell it. It’s time to make you some money. If you know your skills aren’t in written sales (i.e. copywriting), then you need to figure out how you’re going to sell it and who’s going to do that for you.

If you have a complex or high-ticket product or service and/or a sceptical audience, then a sales page could be a good sales avenue for you. Now, it’s a matter of who.

After you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your product or service, you need someone reliable. Someone who’s going to turn potential customers into loyal ones, bring you a lot of sales and, ultimately, a positive return on investment.

Here are six methods you can use to find a reliable sales page copywriter in the UK.

Method 1: Google search

The ol’ faithful. If you’re looking for a UK sales page copywriter, try searching relevant terms like “sales page copywriter UK” or “best UK sales copywriter”. That way, you can view their website, read their blog and decide whether their personality and skills suit you and your business.

It’s important to find a copywriter who gels. This makes researching, writing, editing and future work all the easier (and likely more effective).

Method 2: Copywriter directory

The next method you can try is searching for – and through – a UK copywriter directory. This will bring up a range of copywriters, and you’ll be able to see their areas of expertise, years of experience and a bio about them. One of the top UK copywriter directories is ProCopywriters.

Similarly, you might be able to find some copywriting communities and reach out to see if they know anybody suitable. The Fix Copywriting is an up-and-coming UK community.

Method 3: Word of mouth

A lot of businesses use copywriters for a range of writing tasks. For example, some use copywriters for emails, social media ads, Google ads, and blog content. If you’ve got other business owner friends, ask them to see who they’ve used in the past (or present). This is a great way to see if the copywriter is worth their salt and if they’re reliable.

You might even know someone who’s used a sales page copywriter before. If not, the copywriter they’re working with might know someone suitable. 

Method 4: Social media

Another way to find UK copywriters is via social media. With popular platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, you can use them as your search engine to find someone suitable. This is a great opportunity to explore their profile and content and see if they resonate with you.

Method 5: Bid sites

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr have a huge array of copywriters available. It can sometimes be difficult to find someone suitable, but if you’re prepared to go through a number of them, you’ll likely find someone.


Method 6: Ask a copywriter

The final method to try is to find any copywriter and ask if they know someone suitable. Not every copywriter writes copy for all areas. You might find some that specialise in certain sectors or certain types of writing. The good news? Copywriters talk together and often pass on referrals to trusted fellow copywriters. You might have even worked with one before. If so, ask them.

Check these before you hire a sales page copywriter

Before you hire a UK sales page copywriter, there are a number of checks you should complete. Especially if you want someone reliable.

Check their qualifications. Where did they learn? Do they have any awards or certificates? A trusted sales page copywriting educator is Joanna Wiebe’s Copyhackers. They frequently teach folks to write persuasive copy that increases conversions and sells.

Check their portfolio. Do they have suitable work? Do you like their work? What results did their work generate? Finding someone that suits you and your business is important for quality work.

Check if their personality suits you. However you find your copywriter, research their online presence and get a feel for who they are and whether that resonates with you. For example, their LinkedIn and ProCopywriter’s profile. It’ll be more enjoyable – and easier to produce a sales page that sells – if you find someone you like.

For further reading, ace your freelance copywriter hire with these tips. Or, if you’re considering writing your long-form sales page yourself, follow this guide. And similarly, avoid these mistakes

Alternatively, if you’d like to, explore my sales page copywriting services. Information around price and timeframe are on there, too.

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