Social media ad copywriting that hooks readers

Stand out. Make the right first impression. Prime your prospects for your lead gen. Or turn them into customers. Right now. On any social media platform. Note: I don’t write organic content, so I do not write Facebook or Instagram posts. Only adverts.

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Stop the scroll

Your social media ads have one objective: to get your reader to click through. You need to give them a sniff of the good stuff. Evoke emotion. And then direct their curiosity to a red-hot landing page, sales page or website.

Because remember, your customers are out there. And they’re in need of products or services like yours. If you don’t stand out and compel them to take action, someone else will. So let’s take what’s yours. And turn your reader’s attention into action.

Hard sell. Soft sell.

You have a split second to make an impact. From your headline, to your first line, to your call to action, what you say determines whether your prospect stops, reads and feels closer to buying… or doesn’t.

Your social media ads can sell softly – and save the sale for later. Or they heat up your target audience with a curated selection of direct response techniques. So your conversion-optimised website, landing or sales page can close easy deals.

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“I’ve had great pleasure working with Lewis on a number of projects. He’s shown great creativity with creating campaigns and making decisions that have greatly benefited our clients businesses.”

–Dan Bowler, Owner of Norris Media

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Swick the flitch

If your website is conversion-optimised, now’s the time to send quality traffic. All your social media copywriting will tap into the unchanging principles of communication – like disrupting a pattern to get attention – so your ads grip your reader from start to finish. And compel them to take the action you want them to.

Consistency. Familiarity. Trust.

No matter what social media platform you’re using or what product or service you’re selling, your social media ads have to do the same thing: evoke emotion. And do so in your brand voice. That way, wherever they head after your ads, your target audience feels at home with a consistent tone, language and cadence.

Conversion copywriter approved

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Your customers are out there

Here’s how you attract them.
Plug and play
All social ads come ready to go. I’ll send you the complete advert(s): headlines, descriptions and primary text in a document ready for you to cut and stick into your ads manager.
How long?
My delivery time will vary depending on the scope of the work – and the number of ads you want. Typically, this is 2-4 weeks. However, once we’ve agreed on the work, I’ll give you a clearer timeframe.
How much?
All social media ad projects are custom-quoted and agreed upon before kick-off. As a guide, prices for 3 ad variations start from £700. But the number of ads, who we’re talking to and your product complexity will factor into this.

Crank up the volume

If you’ve plugged the holes in your website, landing page and the rest of your funnel, now’s the time to reap what you’ve sown. Let’s flick the switch and fill your funnel with high-quality prospects.

These folks used my copy

And just like that. We’re on the same page.

Err… writing copy for… err… social media platforms? Actually, it’s not quite that simple. There are different types.

I only do one: social media adverts. Not organic content (i.e. Facebook or Instagram posts). And because they’re adverts, they need to persuade, meaning all copywriting for social media must use the same principles as all other conversion copy.

It must be clear, convincing and curiosity-building. It must get attention and evoke emotion. That way, you can seal the deal on your website, landing page or sales page.

Do you want to build awareness for your business? Do you want to reach more people within your target audience? Do you want to increase website traffic with relevant people? Do you want to drive sales or email newsletter sign-ups? You get the picture.

Social media copywriting helps you do all these things. And it’s a vital part of any successful social media marketing strategy – it’s literally what your audience reads. It’s the difference between them paying attention, reading and taking action… or scrolling by.

It actually gets noticed, read and acted upon – and not ignored. Of course, easier said than done. But with good social media copywriting, it’s a lot more likely. Like all great copywriting, social media copy follows the same principles of persuasion as every other type. Just here, we have to apply them slightly differently.

Social media is fast-paced. And you don’t have long to make an impression. So your copy needs to get attention. The headline grabs them, the first line (or two) hooks them, and then the body copy gives them a reason to click. Your CTA invites them to.

If you want to make the most of your warm traffic and close the sale, you need a conversion-optimised website, landing page or sales page. I’ve got you covered.

Yes, this is generally fine. Pricing comes a little differently – usually a setup cost and an ongoing management fee. But it’s worth us discussing the approach to make sure we’re on the same page.

Of course. If you reach out and ask for a copy of my portfolio, I’ll send you my latest version. Inside there’s a range of work, including many social media ads – some with full breakdowns. Click here to contact me.

Send me a message. Use the form here, and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can with more details. (I’m usually pretty quick to reply)