Sales page copywriting that sells like clockwork

The full selling job. Fix pain points. Handle objections. And let your sales page increase your conversion rate for you. This persuasive long-form copy is ideal for complex products, hesitant audiences and high-ticket offers.

Say “no” to sales resistance. And “yes” to more customers.

By entering the conversation already (sometimes unknowingly) happening in your prospect’s mind, you can comfort, bring down barriers and help them feel ready – and safe – to buy from you. No matter how complex the product or sceptical the audience.

A great sales page leaves no doubt in the minds of your potential customers. It answers every question, disqualifies every other option, and shines a light on your product or service. So clicking your call-to-action seems a no-brainer.

Like music to their ears

By working with your prospect’s awareness levels and market sophistication, your sales page speaks to your reader like no other business. It’s structured so your offer is clear and persuasive and feels like an intimate one-on-one conversation.

That way, you can step back and watch your written sales team carry your prospects from “I’m not sure” to “Take my money”. Without lifting a finger.

“Lewis was really easy to deal with and went above and beyond what I expected in order to make sure he delivered a service. 5 stars!”

–Milo Dunne, Founder of PUB Networking

Speak to the real decision maker

Use a potent mix of persuasive language and psychological biases – like social proof and Expectancy Theory – to pull the subconscious triggers your prospects need to buy. It works (a bit) like magic. From top to bottom. On every sales page.


Whilst every sales page inevitably has to agitate pain points and disqualify alternatives, it also has to charm. Because if your target audience doesn’t like you, you’ll never increase conversions. The best sales copy does this tactfully. It pulls the decision-making strings of the mind and encourages your prospect to buy without them feeling like they’re being sold to.

Conversion copywriter approved

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Channel market desire. Clarify your offering. And leave your prospect’s mouth dripping for more.

…and then give them what they want.
Like all conversion copy projects, your long-form sales page comes implementation-ready. I’ll send you a designer-friendly wireframe so you can start building and selling right away.
Delivery times vary depending on project scope. Who, what, how et cetera, et cetera. But they usually take 6-8 weeks. Once we know what we’re creating, I’ll be able to give you an accurate delivery time.
Like delivery times, project prices vary too. All sales page projects start from £1950. And once we’ve agreed on what we need to do, I’ll give you a more accurate price. (Which we’ll agree on before kick-off.)

From hesitant to hungry

Get inside your buyer’s mind. And unleash your new sales team. So you can guide your cold prospects to high-paying customers… without lifting a finger. Well, after this one, anyway…

These folks used my copy

Your questions: answered

Sales page copywriting is the elegant balance of art and science to write copy that persuades your target audience to buy your product or service. The science tells you what to say… the art is how you say it.
To write great copy, every sales page copywriter must understand psychology, marketing, behavioural science (e.g. social proof), persuasion principles, and obviously know how to write. Well.

Sometimes they write long-form sales pages. Sometimes short. It all depends on your product or service, target audience, their pain points and other sales copywriting know-how.

First, think, what do you want your sales page to do? Sell, right? OK, and how do you sell? Well, in written form, clear, concise and persuasive language helps. You can use psychological biases like social proof or the Pratfall Effect to work with the way we think. And you can even use techniques like “yes momentum” to build believability.

What else? Well, all sales copywriters know you need an attention-grabbing headline, a strong value prop, a benefit-driven explanation of your product or service and, of course, a clear call to action.

But what separates the great sales page copywriters from the good is how we channel the needs and interests of your target audience to position you as the only true solution. We’ll use techniques like Bencivenga-style bullet points, potent guarantees and other tricks from the little book of secrets to help you profit from copy that sells.

Both are forms of copywriting that persuade your target audience to take your desired action. However, there are some differences between the two.

Landing pages are generally used to generate leads. They’re typically shorter and target a wider audience (because they’re earlier in the funnel). To help improve results, they’re often used alongside social media ads or Google ads.

Sales pages, on the other hand, sell a product or service. Generally, this requires more copy and detail so you can answer questions, handle objections and disqualify competitors. And, as you’d expect, they take more time to write. Unlike landing pages, which come from ‘colder’ traffic sources, the reader of a sales page usually comes from your emails.

You have a few options. Generally email. But social media ads can work too. It depends on what you have available (i.e. an engaged email list).

If you need help writing copy for either emails or social media ads, I can help you. So you can warm your prospects up and sell to them with less friction.

Yes, you can. Click here and request a copy of my latest portfolio. There’s all kinds of copy in there for you to look at. From sales pages to emails to landing pages to social media ads. It’s all in there.

Just click here to contact me and I’ll email you back with more details. If you want to view a copy of my portfolio make sure you tick the box.