Landing page copywriting that primes future customers

Attract and convert high-quality leads. Keep your pipeline moving. And turn prospects into customers with action-oriented landing page copy. Ideal for products and services.
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Better leads make better customers

If you’re talking to first-time prospects, you need to set the tone. You need to sculpt their impression of you so you can maximise every customer’s potential. Your offer – and how you frame it – your tone, your buy-in requirements (and more) all factor in.

Remember, getting and holding attention is no small feat. So whilst you have it, you need to convince now, yes. But also plant sales seeds for the future. That way, you smoothen out the sales process, increase conversion rates and relish in fruitful customer habits.

Tingle their taste buds

Sometimes your prospects need a taste of your business to know whether you’re right for them. Gaining high-value customers is often as much pushing away the wrong people as it is attracting the right ones.

A high-converting landing page does exactly that. It clarifies what you do. And who you do it for. So your leads know almost immediately whether you’re right for each other. And then, as you’d expect, selling to such qualified prospects becomes much easier.

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“Lewis is a great copywriter. He has worked on ads and landing pages for us, both delivering fantastic results. He is easy to work with, enjoys collaborating and is always honing his skills. Highly recommended.”

–Stephen Bavister, Director/Founder of LexisClick Growth Consultancy



Speak to the subconscious. Pull the levers that make taking action feel instinctive. All your landing page copy will channel the unchanging principles of communication and human behaviour. So you can work with the way your prospect thinks and spur them to action. Without any doubt-inducing sticking points.

Evidence-based lead generation

Social proof. Bullet points. Customer testimonials. Short sentences. Your landing page will leverage the endless array of research-backed persuasive techniques to display the benefits of your product and service. That way, you’ll nudge your target to your call-to-action buttons without them realising – and increase conversion rates the easy way.

Conversion copywriter approved

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Turn on the tap. And let your leads flow.

Here’s how we’ll do it.
Comes ready to go
Like all web copy projects, your landing page(s) come implementation-ready. Your designer/developer will have a wireframe to build on so they can get your landing page live as soon as possible.
Right on time
As you’d expect, the delivery times vary. The number of landing pages, audience readiness, and what we’re saying will factor into this. Usually, writing your landing page(s) takes between 2-4 weeks. However, once we’ve agreed on the work I’ll be able to give you a clearer time frame.
Rates, rates, rates
Just like the time frames, the project cost depends on the scope too. As a guide, landing page projects start at £800. But all projects are custom-quoted and agreed upon before we start.

Lead by example. Take action now.

Keep your pipeline moving with a consistent flow of high-quality leads. Plant the seeds for great customers. And build so much excitement, they feel silly saying no.

These folks used my copy

So you want to know a little more, eh?

Maybe you think you need one… but don’t actually know what they do? Don’t panic. I’ll explain.

A landing page is a stand-alone web page – i.e. a page not on your website. They focus on one goal. One call-to-action. Usually – but not always – to generate leads. Your website, on the other hand, might try and cater to a few.

When you message-match landing page copywriting with social media ads or Google ads copywriting, you get double the gains.

A bl**dy good landing page copywriter! Like all copy, convincing landing pages use the same unchanging principles of persuasion. Any good copywriter can use them with any product or service.

Of course, all other attributes of great copy apply: clarity, persuasive language, benefit-focused body copy, cognitive biases (like social proof), short sentences, customer testimonials and a clear CTA.

Above all, they get action. (And your ad platforms love them too)

I can try. Sometimes there are low-hanging fruits. Quick wins. Sometimes there are not. I’ll always give you my honest thoughts and turn your current copy into a great landing page.

If you want to keep ££ low, we can walk through it together, and you can action the changes. Or, if it needs more, we can talk about a rewrite. Reach out and ask for a “landing page review”.

Yes, this is not uncommon. It’s important you speak to each audience directly. As the saying goes… “If you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one”. (Or something like that)

Trying to speak to multiple personas simultaneously does very little – other than burn a hole in your wallet. Again, reach out, and we can talk this through.

Of course. Reach out and ask for a copy of my portfolio. I’ll send you my latest version and you’ll be able to see existing landing pages, websites and other work. It’s obligation-free. And you’ll get to see if my approach and work resonates with you.

Just click here to contact me, and I’ll email you back with more details and a copy of my portfolio if you want it. (I’m pretty quick at replying because I’m probably on my laptop now!)