Email copywriting that sends for money

Promote products. Drive sales. And encourage repeat purchases. Again and again and again. Choose from product launches, ongoing content, email campaigns or whatever suits your business and email list.

Take money
off the table

Speak with new customers, old customers and even customers-to-be. Email marketing is your way of communicating with them – for free. You can give value and build trust so when the time comes to ask for the sale, you get a “yes” without hesitation.

But don’t forget: your subscribers can buy from you more than once. One-off purchasers are money on the table. Persuasive email copywriting puts it in your pocket.

Connections are made in the inbox

Whilst every email doesn’t have to sell something, it has to achieve something. And in most cases, that comes down to nurturing your relationship with your list. (Remember, it’s easier to sell to an audience that already knows, likes and trusts you!)

Conversion-focused emails help do exactly this. You can increase your margins, generate revenue on autopilot – and free yourself from single-channel marketing… without spending a penny on ads.

“It is early days, but the response has been absolutely fantastic. In fact one lead actually phoned me after receiving the presentation and an email, which is a first in over two years (I usually have to hound leads)! Other leads are more eagerly taking my call and arranging meetings which is very promising. […] Lewis is a great listener and asks all the right questions. It was a real pleasure to work with such a pro.”

–Stephen Kilcoyne, Founder of Woosh Marketing

Comfort. Convince. Customer-ise.

Great marketing emails ease your audience’s nerves. They uncover your value. And they give your prospects the confidence they need to buy from you. Not once. Not twice. But over and over again.

Hit “Send”. Get clicks. Make money.

Your subject line gets attention. Your body copy compels a click. And your landing page converts. No matter what your product or service, persuasive email marketing turns open rates into click-through rates into money for your business.

Conversion copywriter approved

Settle their nerves

And let me settle yours.
Cut. Stick. Send.
Unlike web projects, my emails don’t come in a wireframe. Duh. But they do come in a Word doc ready for you to copy and paste into your email software. So you can send them fast… and make money even faster.
This long
As you’d expect, the time it takes for me to write your emails will vary. Usually, a 5-part email sequence takes 3-5 weeks. But once we’ve agreed on the work, I’ll give you a clearer time frame.
This much
Naturally, projects vary in size. And to give you an accurate price we need to agree on what we’re doing. As a guide, a 5-part email sequence starts at £1600. But all email projects will be custom-quoted and agreed upon before we start.

From fence-sitters. To hand-shakers.

Let’s comfort your readers. Handle their objections. And increase your marketing ROI with email copywriting that sells. Right out the gate.

These folks used my copy

Yes, you can make changes.
Here are more answers:

If you already – or want to – send emails, email copywriting is the science-y but arty process of crafting the words you say. Your email copy is there to build trust, establish credibility, better position you (and more) to get the action you want from your email list.

Like all good copywriting, professionally written emails are clear, concise and convincing. They have a job to do. It just sometimes takes a few emails to get that job done. (Email sequences or email campaigns *cough* *cough* )

The body copy in your marketing emails should be personalised, talking in terms of benefits and dripping with persuasion. Your subject lines bold to get attention. And then finish off with a clear call-to-action (CTA) to take them where they need to go – your website, sales page, or landing page, maybe?

Well, do you want more from your emails? Or don’t you have enough time to craft them? Heck, maybe both?

Email copywriters are a special bunch with skills that – like all copywriters – are built on the principles of persuasion. And experienced copywriters can mould those principles onto any product or service in pretty much any sector, and talk to any target audience.

They require a deep understanding of psychology, behaviour science, marketing, research and, of course, writing. And in return, they write emails that get you better open rates, click-through rates and, ultimately, more sales.

Sure thing. I understand email demands come in different shapes and sizes. And every target audience is different. So if you need ongoing email support, reach out and let’s have a chat about what you need.

Yes, this is fine. You’ll likely need some ongoing email support. Again, send me a message and let’s have a chat about what you need. I’ll be able to put together a proposal for you, and you can see whether you’d like to go ahead or not.

Of course. Click here and request a copy of my latest portfolio. There are existing emails, landing pages, websites, and other work to view. You’ll be able to get a feel for the kind of copy I write and whether you like it or not.

Just click here to send a message and I’ll email you back with more details. (I’m probably on my laptop at the moment)