Copywriting 101: How to write a long-form sales page that sells

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Your invisible sales team. Working their magic, handling your prospect’s objections, building desire and selling your product. All through the written word: your sales page copywriting.  A great long-form sales page requires not just great copywriting but also great thinking. Because, yes, your sales writing needs to hold your reader and convince them to say […]

The only 4 types of sales stories you need (and why)

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Stories sell. Every highly persuasive long-form sales piece uses them. So you should too. But why are they so effective? Simply put, they have emotion at their heart. And emotion is the crux of all persuasion. If you’ve read this article on sales leads, you’ll know how indirect leads help you bypass the “sales defence” […]

Sales leads: How to write the most engaging lead ever

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The lead is the most important aspect of persuasive long-form copywriting. If you don’t hook your readers, they won’t read your sales piece. Simple. They have no reason to. So, if you want to write a high-converting sales piece, you must know how to write an engaging lead. What you’re about to read applies to […]

How to research for any copywriting project

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Before you start any copywriting project, you need to research. No matter whether you’re writing sales pages, landing pages, full-blown websites, emails or social ads, you need to understand how to research and hence fill your brain with the ideas that are going to persuade your reader to buy from you. Fortunately, over the past […]

What skills do the best sales page copywriters have?

the skills of top sales page copywriters

There are a lot of skills that copywriters should have. And many are requirements of all copywriting types. But because sales pages are the ultimate form of direct response selling, some skills run more influential than others. Here are six of (what I think are) the most important and prevalent skills in top sales page […]

Website copywriting: How to write a conversion-optimised home page

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You only get one first impression. One (first) chance to grab your reader’s attention and compel them to keep reading. And on your website, the place where most people land is your home page. The land of first impressions. Like a “catch all”. But home page copywriting is inherently more challenging because you have all […]

Sales funnels: the sales copywriter’s guide

a guide to sales funnels

Copywriters sell. That’s their job. And in order to sell, copywriters need to understand the process by which people buy. The sales funnel models this.  You see, audiences are becoming increasingly sceptical – and hesitant – to hand over their money for products and services. So, for some businesses, one sales page might be enough […]

Landing page copywriting: how to quick-start your lead generation

An intro to lead generating landing pages

There’s a lot of confusion around landing pages – and landing page copywriting. What is it? What does it do? How much does it cost? Should you do it yourself? Let’s find out, shall we? What is a landing page? And what does it do? In a general sense, a landing page is any web […]

8 sinful sales page copywriting mistakes (and how to fix them)

sales page copywriting mistakes

So you’ve got a sales page… but it’s not working like you expected. You’ve got money on the line. You’ve invested – or your client has – and you need results. Quick. What are you going to do? Check you haven’t made these sales page mistakes. And if you have, correct them. All the coming […]

Why Your Business Needs a Freelance Copywriter: Unlocking Growth Through Words

why you need a freelance copywriter

It can often be tempting for business owners to take on the task of creating all of the copy their business requires. After all, they are the ones who have the greatest understanding of their product or services, as well as the customers they want to attract. However, much like graphic designers and web designers, […]