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Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: London Transport’s ‘Simple’

“’Making London Simple‘ won the pitch, and several D&AD Pencils. And ran for many years.” says Ewan Paterson, one of the copywriters from today’s ad.

Weetabix ad with "paediatrician" spelt buy a baby
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Weetabix’s “Withabix”

Welcome to the next part of an unintentional 2-part series of baby ads. You can catch “part one” here. Today’s ad isn’t about baby food,

hiring a freelance copywriter
Copywriting Help

Ace Your Freelance Copywriter Hire: 5 Top Tips

After reading my previous blog posts and case studies you’ve decided it’s time to hire a freelance copywriter? Fantastic. To make sure that you’re able

Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Cow & Gate’s ‘&’

This one’s going to be fun. A copywriter breaking down an ad without any copy. Today’s ad is for Cow & Gate, and it was

British Airways Yo-yo ad
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: British Airways’ Yo-yo

Most of you have seen Uncommon’s British Airways campaign. Advertisers – including myself – thought it was pretty special. But, flicking through the 1998 D&AD

Sony Fruit Bowl ad
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Sony’s Fruit Bowl

Today I’m setting a new “blog rule”. It’s a bit of fun for me but it means you’ll get more for less. And that’s what

Kellogg's All Bran Digger Ad
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Kellogg’s All-Bran

I found this Kellogg’s ad in the 1989 D&AD Annual, and it immediately drew me in.  From what I can see, the photo opens a

1995 Pirelli ad with Carl Lewis
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Pirelli & Carl Lewis

No matter how good you are, you can always be let down by poor equipment. That’s the crux of today’s ad from Pirelli.  What I

Sainsbury's oil change ad from 1993
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Sainsbury’s “Oil Change”

This is technically car ad breakdown number five. FIVE! That’s a significant portion when you consider this is only #15. Of course, it depends on

Reebok Postmen Ad
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Reebok’s “Postmen”

Did you know that 7 postmen and women are attacked by dogs every day in the UK (according to Royal Mail – and this article)?

Altoids' metal box ad
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Altoids’ “Metal Box”

Breath mints. How many of those are out there? A damn lot, that’s for sure.  Today’s ad is a great example of how you can

Is copywriting difficult?
Copywriting Help

Is Learning to Become a Copywriter Hard?

Copywriting is a skill. And like any skill, requires practice. Some people have a natural talent and pick it up quickly… some have to work

Citroen-2cv comparison ad
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Citroën’s 2CV Comparison

Today’s ad is from Citroën. I couldn’t find who wrote it, but I’m pretty sure it’s from the 80s. Here it is: Quite possibly one

The Economist Keyhole ad
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: The Economist’s “Keyhole”

Taking it further this time. The last breakdown had a little bit of copy. This time we’ve got none.  So, without any copy to break down, I’ve

MLHSBC's "Invisible" print ad
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: MLHSBC’s “Invisible”

So, I’m going to try a different style today. Usually, my ad breakdowns are quite copy-heavy. But this one is not. Not only does this

"When." by Chivas Regal print ad
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Chivas Regal’s “When.”

How do you build and advertise a premium brand? In today’s breakdown, I’ll show you. This ad was written by Tony Brignull in 1969, during

Richard Foster's Olive Ad for Sainsbury's
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: Sainsbury’s Olives

If I had to pick an all-time favourite copywriter, Richard Foster would be near the top – if not at it. For those that haven’t

Preview of David Ogilvy's The Man in the Hathaway Shirt
Copywriting Examples

Ad Breakdown: The Man in the Hathaway Shirt

Here we are… ad breakdown number 1: David Ogilvy’s ‘The Man in the Hathaway Shirt’. The breakdown went live on LinkedIn some time ago, so