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From passive, unengaged window shoppers… to product-hungry, loyal customers. Get more online sales with specialist freelance conversion copywriting for your website, landing pages and social media ads.

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Copywriting with only one goal in mind

Conversion copywriting. Content copywriting. Both have their uses, sure. But they also have different goals. And to give it to you bluntly (because people still ask), I don’t write articles. I sell.

As a freelance conversion copywriter, my job is to persuade. I use storytelling, behavioural science, the principles of direct response (and more) to move your prospects from A to B – as fast as possible.

Action-getting website copywriting

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More traffic is not always the answer. If your website is struggling to convert customers now, do you really want to expose more people to your unoptimised site?…

Remember, you only get one first impression. And if it’s not a good one, you’re only pushing your prospects away from your business. (Making them harder to convert them in the future).

For website copywriting projects, I write individual pages or full sites. Everything comes in a designer-friendly wireframe so your designer/developer can get stuck into your new persuasive site as fast as possible. (Many don’t like starting from scratch)

>> Learn more about my website copywriting here.

Or, if you’re ready now…

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Desire-building landing page copywriting

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Got leads stagnating in the middle of your funnel? Worried they might never turn into customers… and you’ll miss out on money-making opportunities?

To put it bluntly, how you attract your leads influences how they behave as customers. And for easier conversions, you need to prime them better.

A clear, convincing and desire-building landing page helps you do just that. Like all web copy projects, your landing page copy comes in a wireframe ready to go to your designer/developer so you can start attracting better leads almost immediately.

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Or, if you’re ready now…

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Attention-holding social media ad copywriting

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Ads that blend in get ignored. And ads that get ignored get no results. Cost per clicks rise. Click-through rates drop. And the response you’re looking for… never comes.

With irresistible social media ads, you turn cold, unaware audiences into high-quality prospects. And then, fed into a conversion-optimised website or landing page, you’ll bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘frictionless results’.

I can write, create and/or manage your social media campaigns. Your ads will either come in a document for you to put into your campaign manager or as ad previews ready for your approval.

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Or, if you’re ready now…

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Sales-inducing email copywriting

Gaining trust is hard. The first time, the hardest. So if you’ve already got a list of people who trust you to some degree, do you really want to let those opportunities dwindle away?…

Your list is your business. And conversion-optimised emails are your ticket to repeat custom. They’re how you talk to your customers and leads. How you ease their nerves. How you make them feel safe buying from you. Over and again.

For email copywriting projects, I usually write email sequences. But if you’d like individual emails, I can do that too. Everything comes in a Word doc, ready for you to copy and paste into your email software. So you can get more business as soon as you’re ready to hit “send”.

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Dial-turning sales page copywriting

If you’ve got a complex product, a sceptical audience, or a high-ticket offer, sometimes you need more than a short-form web page to do the job.

A conversion-optimised sales page enters the conversation already happening in your prospect’s mind. It walks with them. And instils the confidence they need, so they want to buy from you – and feel good doing so.

For sales page copywriting projects, I’ll send you everything in a designer-friendly wireframe. That way, you can give your designers a strong starting point. And guide your prospects to the “buy now” button almost immediately.

>> Learn more about my sales page copywriting here.

Or, if you’re ready now…

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“I’ve had great pleasure working with Lewis on a number of projects. He’s shown great creativity with creating campaigns and making decisions that have greatly benefited our clients businesses.”

–Dan Bowler, Owner of Norris Media

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Every line. Verified.

If you’re investing in me – trusting me – you need to know the copy you’re about to use will do what it’s meant to do. Persuade. And whilst I can’t guarantee results (avoid anyone who says they can), I need to make sure we stand the best possible chance of success. You need to feel confident in me. And most importantly, you need to feel confident in the copy. Right?

Well, top copywriters know every word has to earn its place. And so, they should be able to explain every line of their work. If they can’t… well… you might want to tread carefully.

With all my work, I invite you to pull it apart. Dissect it. Question it all. And challenge me to justify every line.

Written to last

Solid copy lasts. Sure, it might need the odd spruce up to keep things looking fresh over the years. But the majority will run like clockwork.

You see, all copy should be built upon existing thoughts and feelings in your market. This isn’t to say you can’t enhance them, or clarify what they look like in the mind of your reader. No, not at all. But there needs to be something in the market (like a pain, a desirable end result, or a unifying belief) for you to tap into and channel.

And for as long as your market has those thoughts and feelings (many of which are deeply ingrained in us), your website, landing pages, and social ads will continue to drive action.

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Lewis gets results consistently, creatively and compellingly. Highly recommended.”

–Andrew Laws, Managing Director of Yeseo
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Like an invisible sales team. But better.

From the initial fist-bump with your social ads to the shaking of hands on your website, hard-working conversion copy repeatedly reaps results.

It smoothens out the customer journey. And works in the background, like an invisible sales team, speaking with your prospects, answering their questions, and persuading them to buy your products… but without the hefty salary and commission. (And usually just a one-off fee instead 😉)

But, of course, sometimes you do need a sales team. And in those cases, your conversion copy gets your prospects warm and ready to buy, so your sales team can slip in and close easy deals.

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“Lewis is a great copywriter. He has worked on ads and landing pages for us, both delivering fantastic results. He is easy to work with, enjoys collaborating and is always honing his skills. Highly recommended.”

–Stephen Bavister, Director/Founder of LexisClick Growth Consultancy


Okay, so…

How do you want your prospects to act? Quickly?... Well, you need to too.

Stop wasting selling opportunities. And start turning your window shoppers into loyal customers with persuasive conversion copy.

To hear that sweet sounding “yes” on your website, landing pages, or social media ads more often, hit the button below. It’s time to let your words do the hard work for you.

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